Are there buses for camp?

We all know that the camp experience starts once you get on the bus – so, forget about that pricey rental car or rising gas prices - start your Camp No Counselors weekend with a trip on the “Campers-Only” Skedaddle buses!

Leave the driving to Skedaddle, the official transportation partner of all CNC camp weekends.  Campers will have the opportunity to purchase a round-trip bus ticket directly to camp, leaving from a major city center near your camp location. It’s a great way to meet your fellow campers, and an even better way to kick off the camp experience and start the party early! The link to purchase your round trip bus ticket will be provided, to approved campers, as the camp date approaches. Pricing is dependent on the distance to camp and is for a round trip.

Pro tip: The first 9 campers to buy get a discounted rate! So go get your ticket ASAP!

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