Can I transfer my registration to another camp or to a friend?

If you discover you aren’t able to join us for your camp weekend, we have options available to help!


Let me guess: your best friend’s brother wants to come to camp and he’s a cool guy, and since you’re not able to make it, he should just take your place right? 

Not quite. We spend hours upon hours curating each camp group to be a diverse mix of adults, to ensure that we create an extraordinary Camp No Counselors experience and community. We’ve read your registration and invited you to camp – and Beyoncé said it best – you’re IRREPLACEABLE. Thus, name changes or substitutions for your registration are not permitted at any time. Feel free to tell your best friend’s brother to apply to camp anyway!

Transfers to another camp weekend

If you find that you aren’t able to attend the camp weekend that you registered for, you can transfer your registration, for a small transfer fee of $35*, to another camp weekend** (pending availability) at any time prior to 5 business days before your registered camp begins.

What we’re trying to say is – we want to see you at camp!

To request a transfer, simply forward your registration confirmation e-mail (the email you received from Eventbrite) to and mention the new camp start date and location that you are able to attend. If there is a spot available, we will send you a $35* paypal invoice to complete the transfer process.


*The $35 fee is subject to additional price differences in your current registration fee and the available registration fee.

**You may transfer your registration to a camp within the current year or the following year. i.e. If you are registered for a 2017 camp, you may transfer your registration to another 2017 camp or as a credit towards a 2018 camp weekend.

***If there is a price difference between your purchased ticket for last year and your current year, you are responsible to pay the extra cost during registration. However, you will not be refunded any difference if the new ticket is less than what you originally paid.

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