How can I organize a private or corporate retreat?

So, you love the idea of Camp No Counselors – why not bring it to your workplace, right? While we can’t bring a slip and slide to the office, let’s do the next best thing – bring your workplace to CAMP NO COUNSELORS!

Camp No Counselors offers private and corporate retreats; offering a unique experience to meet your company objectives to bring teams closer together, improve sense of community, and set goals and strategies for the year.

Our base all-inclusive private camp package includes: 3 nights of lodging and accommodations, 8 meals plus snacks and s’mores, evening activities, a menu of your favorite camp sports and arts activities, including team building activities, meeting rooms/areas (plus A/V), open bar, a DJ and a photographer, a custom-designed Camp No Counselors t-shirt and must be for a minimum of 100 guests.

We work with you to customize additional content, break-out sessions, fireside chats and teambuilding – creating a unique experience that caters to your needs and aligns with your retreat goals.

Where are these retreats? We can set up your private/corporate retreat at any campsite location across the country – we can find a location that is closest to you, or offer you a site that is central to your colleauges, that offers availability based on your requested dates. Either way, we will work with you on a location that works best for your needs.

If you are interested in learning more, please take a look at our Corporate Retreats page on our website. If you want more specific information, including pricing, about your corporate or private Camp No Counselors retreat, please send us a question through our Contact Us page.


*Activity selection is dependent on camp location and availability/weather conditions.

**Prices may vary, depending on location.


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