What is Color War?

Color War is the quintessential and most iconic activity of the entire camp experience! It is the culmination of all activities, memories, and events that come together at the end of summer camp, in one glorious competition.  Bragging rights from winning Color War, as well as the general thrill of competition, will surely keep the camp spirit alive all year long.  Our campers may be temporarily divided during this activity, but team members will become closer than ever as they play, compete, create and perform to a hopeful team victory.

After two days of unparalleled unity and togetherness, the entire camp is divided into separate teams. Great care is taken to ensure the teams are evenly divided in respect to skill, strength and ability (both artistically and athletically).  Each team competes on a selection of fun-filled activities, which may include: dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, tug of war, a lip-sync competition, and the riveting team flag design competition. With each win, your team is closer to victory with a head start on the Apache Relay!

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