Are there counselors?

We’re Camp No Counselors…so, NO! There are no counselors telling you what you have to do or where you have to be or watching your every move (unless it’s a good dance move, of course). We hope that the fact that you’re a functioning adult enables you to operate without supervision.

What we do have are ‘Non-Counselors’ taking part in the fun alongside of you, who can answer questions and help you out. Our camp staff is mainly on hand to ensure your safety and to help implement certain activities, i.e. lifeguards on the water and professionally certified staff to drive the motor boats for wakeboarding, tubing and waterskiing. There are also staff to belay for rock climbing and the ropes course (where applicable), as well as a team to cook the meals and maintain the cleanliness of the camp, over the course of the weekend.

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