Who goes to Camp No Counselors?

Camp No Counselors is a co-ed camp for adults age 21+. At CNC, you will find a mix of fashion and food bloggers, actors, startup founders, media execs, music moguls, financiers, lawyers, doctors and every occupation in between.

We curate each weekend so it is full of an amazing and diverse group of people ready to prioritize fun and friendliness. Our campers come away with new friends across a wide range of industries, interests, professions and demographics.

To date, our average age is about 30 years old with campers ranging from mid 20s to mid 40s. Our only age restriction is that you must be older than 21, due to our open bar.

Most of our campers either went to sleepaway camp growing up and want to re-live the carefree days of being a kid, or they never went to camp as a kid and are taking this opportunity see what it was all about! Many campers come with a friend or two, but we also have campers come solo to meet people and make new friends. Half of the campers are single and the other half usually come with their significant other.

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