I'm driving to camp, how do I purchase a parking pass?

We will miss you on the bus, but are super stoked you are coming to camp! About a month before your camp starts, we will send out a link for you to purchase a parking pass via Eventbrite. When you click the purchase button, just be sure to select the camp location and weekend that you will be attending! Parking passes and space is limited, so make sure to get your pass early!!

No need to print anything. When you purchase the parking pass online, your name will automatically be added to our parking pass list. When you check in at camp, we will have parking passes printed for you to put on your dashboard!

You only need to purchase ONE pass per vehicle; so coordinate with your friends and carpool buddies, as parking passes are non-refundable.


There are a limited number of parking passes for each camp weekend, so we encourage you to carpool and/or take the bus to camp!

While you may transfer your parking pass to another camp weekend (if there is available space at that camp), passes are not transferable to another camper.

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