Do people come to CNC by themselves?

Campers fly solo at CNC all the time! In fact, we estimate that about 15% of our campers in 2016 were solo campers. Through our registration process, we look for people who are eager to meet new people and have the time of their lives at camp. So, while traveling alone can be scary at times, CNC is no ordinary experience. As soon as you arrive to camp you’ll be greeted by our contagiously friendly staff and ushered to your bunk that is filled with a group of people who will instantly become family.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out reviews on our Yelp page, read this blog post written by a first time camper, and see below for a some quotes from campers who came alone and wouldn’t have had it any other way!


Walking up to the bus for the first time, I felt those first day of class jitters that I thought were long behind me. Here were 100+ people that I never met before, and I was about to embark on a four-day retreat with them. Fears ran through my head. “What if we didn’t get along?” “What if we have nothing in common?” And that nagging sentiment everyone has but tries to push out of their mind, “What if they don’t like me?” But as soon as I put down my bags, there were hugs instead of handshakes as introductions, invitations to share snacks, and the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen on a collective group of strangers.

Four days later, I realized that the bonds I created at Camp No Counselors made me feel closer to people who were strangers at the beginning of the weekend than I do to people I’ve known for years.

What I’ve gained from CNC is impossible to put into words. It’s a feeling, an emotion, a security in not only myself, but the friendships I’ve made because of a weekend in the woods. And those 100 strangers?  I’m happy to say they’re 100 of my newest friends."

-Bianca, New York Labor Day 2016 Camper


"As an adult, I’m sure we can all relate to walking into a new place by yourself, surrounded by a bunch of strangers. Typically you’re greeted with a few subtle glances and maybe a smile or two, but that’s pretty much it. Now that you’ve got that image (and anxiety), think of the complete opposite; that’s Camp No Counselors. From the second you walk up to your fellow campers everyone is extremely inviting and open. You’re greeted with genuine warmth by the campers and “non-counselors” alike. No one is talking about work, politics, or how much money they make. It’s all about making genuine bonds over the things we enjoy. Which as you may recall, this was pretty much the main factor taken into account when making new friends as a child."

- Victoria, Los Angeles 2015 Camper

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